Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chess anyone?

It was very interesting tonight at Cub Scouts. A and the Tigers were learning how to play chess. One dad that I had thought said he knew how to play chess turned out not to. And all 5 boys said they knew how to play, though in reality only one knew much - he at least knew the names of all the pieces and how most of them moved. Luckily 2 other dads knew how to play better than I do, so we had one adult per game between kids. It was rather amusing to watch them move right into being captured, but a bit frustrating to keep reminding them that "no, you can't jump over other pieces" and that each piece has a distinct way it moves. Hopefully they will all remember a bit of how to play. D says he will play some more chess with A (they played a few games back in the fall).


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