Monday, February 27, 2006

Back home safe and sound

D, A, and I headed out to the airport after school today to pick up M and my mom. Their plane was early, so they were waiting by the empty baggage carousel. It was good to see them again. M was very tired and kept saying "my feet hurt, my feet hurt,...". Evidently he never did get onto London time very well. He was staying up til 11 or 12 and then sleeping in til 9, 10 or later. Here he rarely sleeps past 7, even on vacation.

M says his favorite thing was the Natural History museum where they had an earthquake room, which periodically shook like an earthquake was occurring. They also had cool dinosaurs there.

We went out to dinner on our way home from the airport and M was sound asleep by the time we got home - at about 7pm. He is really too big to be carried - D got him out of the car and up the stairs, but there is no way to get him into a top bunk! M did wake long enough to get into bed, get into pjs and request a cat - P of course.

I'll see about downloading the pictures from his camera tomorrow and hope to post a few.


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