Monday, November 02, 2009


M has not been overly fond of our last few dinners. In fact, he asked me the other night, "is this your way of putting me on a diet, fixing meals I don't like?" Well, actually no it isn't. It's just that the rest of us like soups and stews and chili and all sorts of other things M doesn't.

Tonight's dinner was:
Chicken and rice - with some leftover plain rice for M
Baked sweet potatoes (from our garden) - one bite for the kids plus raw carrots for them
Broccoli - raw for M
Fruit and seed bread

A loved it and wanted a second chicken leg - good thing I cut up 5 leg quarters for the pan. We'll have this meal again (mostly) in a few days. I thought it was a very good thing to fix on a night I had to go pick up M after his robotics. The chicken & rice and the sweet potatoes went into the oven about 4:45 and then the bread went in to finish up cooking a bit after we got back. Broccoli in the microwave and we were set to eat.

Oh, and leftover cherry/apple pie for dessert. I was impressed that M actually wanted to try it. His verdict: ok, but not great. He had Halloween candy for dessert instead. Fine by me, all the more pie for me. Mmmmm.... pie - there's still some left that may be part of breakfast tomorrow.

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Blogger StephLove said...

Are sweet potatoes easy to grow? I've been thinking it might be nice to have some fall crops in the garden next year.

We have a picky eater here, too. There's almost nothing he'll eat.

5:16 PM  
Blogger owlfan said...

Yes, sweet potatoes were ridiculously easy to grow. I bought a pack of plants in May and planted them. Then we basically ignored them until it was time to dig them up. It was a bit of a treasure hunt to find all the sweet potatoes underground - some were a ways away from the original plant.

8:32 PM  

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