Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fall is here

How can I tell fall is here?

Yesterday I had a cat on my lap at least 5 different times, for a minimum of 30 minutes each time. (Why yes, I did get a lot of reading done yesterday.) Both cats had their turns, and I didn't have to pick them up any of those times.

We had lentils for dinner yesterday (it just feels too hot for them much of the summer).

M started wearing a pajama shirt to bed. - long sleeved even

Taking the shortcut through the woods in my sandals got too many bits of leaves in the sandals.

I've started thinking of pies.

No attic fan or ceiling fan at night - that would be too cold.

Pounce has been spending all night in the bed with us.

I'm enjoying the fall weather. I hope it lasts a while longer!



Blogger Carol P. said...

Love your list!

I knew Fall was here because I thought of making bean soup with the leftover pork. (oh, and the rain and the need for gloves at Saturday's 9am soccer games)

Funny how different foods have different seasons.....

12:07 AM  

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