Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swim Meet

Swim meet tonight and oh my, but it was HOT!!! Sweltering hot in the sun, not helped by the fact that we got a brief bit of rain that made everything seem like a sauna. It was bad until the sun went behind some clouds and then started going down.

Luckily the meet went fairly quickly- over and done by just after 8:30. Our team was much bigger than the opponents, so it was fairly obvious that we would win. I don't think they even announced who won. If its not close, they just announce the winner, if it is reasonably close they will announce the score.

M had a pretty good night. He had a very competitive breaststroke race and he took off over a second and maybe close to 2 seconds off his time. He's down to 45 point something seconds for a 50. Nice! Oh, and took first place in the race. Most of the kids on the team who can beat M in breast either swim high school or year round. The coach suggested that he would do well swimming high school. M is not yet convinced.



Blogger Maggie May said...

we seriously need to go swimming. it has been HOT here, not that i'm complaining after a pathetic straggling end to July in San Diego.

1:42 PM  

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