Thursday, November 04, 2010

Jack Frost vs the Garden

We've got a freeze warning for Fri, Sat, and Sun nights currently. I'm not sure it will actually get down to 32 or below any of these nights, but I suppose I must be prepared, for the sake of the garden.

I know the garlic (coming up nicely) and parsley will be just fine. I think we're going to cover the cherry tomato plant, as it still has a couple dozen unripe tomatoes on it. I'll pick any that are even remotely turning red, but then cover and hope for the best. I need to look at the other tomato plants more closely, but I'm leaning towards just picking all the tomatoes and pulling up the plants. Probably the same for the bell pepper and hot pepper plants, though all are still producing well - especially the banana peppers and jalepenos. I picked a good dozen today, off 2 plants. I may just try to cover them, after picking all the good size peppers.

The only other things still in the garden are the basil (almost dead), cilantro (self-sprouting like crazy), and the late potatoes. I know that spring planted potatoes are put in well before the last frost, so can they take a frost?? I've never planted potatoes before, so this is a total experiment...



Blogger agwh said...

I've been working today on getting ready for the freeze, too. My tomatoes and peppers are already all taken care of (fruit in the house, plants removed from the garden. There has been a lot to do, though.

Tomorrow morning I will know whether I've done enough to protect what's left!

3:47 PM  
Blogger StephLove said...

All we have left in our garden is carrots and green tomatoes. I brought the last red tomato in a couple weeks ago and it was horrible, all mealy, which is I guess what happens when they start to start to ripen in some unseasonably warm weather and then it turns cold again, so I suppose I should just pick what we have and find more uses for green tomatoes.

5:20 PM  

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