Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Glasses, Scouts and more

M and I went to the eye dr today and got a new prescription for him. And M picked out a pair of frames very similar to his current ones, except that "the bridge is bigger" in M's words. We should be able to pick them up next week, so I will try to get a photo. Last year the dr said that M was to only wear his glasses for school or movies. M has been saying that he doesn't see as well without the glasses, so we talked to the eye dr about this (different dr than last year). He said that the hope was that if he doesn't wear the glasses all the time, that his eyes won't get worse quite as quickly. He also said, though, that M should be wearing them to watch TV and could wear them other times as he wished, but not for reading, computer work or playing outside. So, tonight M elected to wear his glasses to Scouts.

Ahhh, Scouts. Did you know how long it takes a 6 yo to polish the axle for a pinewood derby car? No... well, I can tell you that it takes almost 10 min per axle. And since these axles are nails (not rods), there are actually 4 axles to polish. So, most of the Tigers meeting tonight was very noisy as we spent most of the hour polishing axles. Many thanks to my co-leader who brought in the 2 drills and supplies. We now have 4 (though I could only locate 3 when I showed them to D) mostly polished axles. And I have supplies and theoretical knowledge of how to polish axles so D and M can polish them for M's car.

Then after Scouts, we came home and M still had to give his book report a practice run. Doesn't sound too hard....but...from across the room, I couldn't see his figure (on poster board). He had colored the background, but not the figure, so he had to color it in. Then I reread the rubric and see that he has to have the name and author on the front. Oops, better add those. Then when he practiced it, he couldn't read his notes, so he had to rewrite them (and put them on the back of the posterboard this time, not on a piece of paper to be dropped). It all took a while - and meanwhile A was ready for bed, but had not actually climbed into bed. He was sitting on the floor reading. It was 9:20 by the time I finally got them both in the bed and lights out. I predict tired kids tomorrow, esp A as he was "too tired to eat" this morning. We're definitely going for an early night tomorrow.


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