Friday, January 20, 2006

Math class and then some

Today was my 3rd time teaching math to a subset of M's class. I'm enjoying it, but it does keep me on my toes to make sure I have enough stuff to keep them busy. It's actually working out well to spend about 30 minutes covering what the teacher does in an hour, then the other 30 min to do something new. Today's lesson was geometry - we covered lines, line segments, rays, angles (acute, obtuse, right). Some catch on quicker than others - but I have to watch it as when I asked some basic definitions they all seemed to know it, but when I drew the example from the book and asked them to pick out say, 2 different lines, they were having some trouble. Hopefully it was all making sense by then and will be reinforced by homework (next week, I suppose).

After that, we did some logic puzzles. I had them do (this one below), which seemed pretty easy for them.

Four children were born in different countries. Find out who was born in which country from the clues given.

............ France... United Kingdom... USA... Argentina

1. Ann was not born in Europe.
2. Deb's native language is not English.
3. Ben is not from the Americas.
4. Cal is not from the Northern Hemisphere (the Northern Hemisphere is the area north of the equator).

So then I gave them this one from Squiglys Playhouse. M thought it was pretty easy and finished it quickly and correctly, but several kids had a good bit of trouble with it - like not noticing that no one was wearing a purple shirt (and thus one kid was wearing no shirt??)

I think I will try A out on the easy one and see if he can do it. I showed my mom the easy one (she volunteers with M's class in the same room after me) and she got it fairly quickly after I showed her how the grid worked. I will see if M wants to try a harder one - where you need to determine more different things.

After finishing up with M's class, I thought I'd go see what A's class had on their wall. They had some very cute snowmen. I ran into his teacher and realized that his class was still in the classroom, so I volunteered to help them work on their snowman books. I will probably add this to my Friday schedule, as I want to do something in A's class as well, but I thought they were busy at 9.


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