Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lost Tooth


A lost his first tooth this morning at breakfast. It hadn't even been all that wiggly until about a week ago - I had really thought that he might make it to 7 with all his baby teeth intact. It was just barely wiggly back in Nov when we went to the dentist - at that time, I told him I thought it might last til his birthday (end of Jan) and the hygenist thought it might take til Valentine's Day (otherwise known as Shadow's birthday in our house). But now its gone and waiting for A to fall asleep so the tooth fairy can come visit.

At dinner tonight we were discussing birthdays (A has gotten 2 birthday invitations for the week before his birthday) and A asked me what is today. When I told Jan 11th, he thought for a moment and said "in 18 days it will be my birthday!" Posted by Picasa


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