Saturday, January 28, 2006

More fun with yarn

After the cake and presents, the kids went back outside to play. They wanted to string up their own yard to follow - and the cat thought that this was great fun! They both attacked the yarn and chased it around the yard.

But then, I saw A climbing a tree to string yarn around. And I caught several kids climbing on top of the swing set to make it more difficult. I really didn't want any broken arms here (one child arrived with a cast - NOT the result of a party injury!)

Here, you can see that they have wound most of the yarn just in and around the swing set - making for quite a spider's web. M is pretending to be caught in it.

Once I saw exactly how tangled it was, I had them start untangling it. Then my mom worked on it some and finally after all the kids had gone home, I tackled the last of it. I thought I was going to have to cut it off, but it did finally untangle - though in many more pieces than the original 8. I'm not sure if the cats or the kids broke the yarn. Either way, it was definitely a hit - but if I do it again, I will remove the yarn at the end of the game.


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