Friday, November 10, 2006

Bye-bye hair

My hair was really getting too long - especially my bangs, so I measured it and off I went to get it cut.

Yep, there it is - 11 inches if you pull it straight. I have to mail it off to Locks of Love now.

It feels a bit different, as it hits my neck differently. I know I will really notice it in the shower too. So far, its been funny trying to comb my hair - I keep dropping the comb! I'm so used to pulling the comb through a lot more hair, that the lack of hair catches me off gaurd and there goes the comb.

I'll be so glad not to have all the tangles at the nape of my neck. They get really bad when my hair gets too long, esp if I'm wearing a sweater or sweatshirt. Right now, though, I'm especially enjoying not having hair in my eyes. It drove me absolutely batty the last 2 days. It's amazing how all of a sudden it is just too long.

Not a great picture, but you can sort of see how short it is now, and how long it was.

I almost didn't get a chance to get my hair cut today as M didn't feel good when he woke up. He said his head hurt, his nose was stuffed up, his throat hurt, his tummy hurt. We think its sinus issues, with drainage causing the throat and tummy aches. The real kicker for me was when he wasn't hungry. I had fixed bagel pizzas for breakfast, which both kids love, and M didn't want any.

D wanted M to go ahead to school and see if he would feel better being up. Looking at him being rather limp, though, I knew from experience that if he looked like that at school, I'd be getting a call pronto to come pick him up. So, we opted for plan B - send M back to bed for a bit. After a bit of a rest/snooze (I don't know if he slept, but he was quiet in the dark for 30 min or so), he moped around the house a bit and then finally agreed to some acetominaphen. That's one way to know when M isn't feeling well. He hates taking any sort of medicine. About 20 minutes later, his appetite returned. Good. He ate both his bagel pizzas and a cereal bar and I took him in to school around 9:30.

Then I dashed off for my hair cut, hoping that the school wouldn't call. They didn't. M seemed to be feeling so-so at lunch (today was 5th grade lunch with parents), but obviously not completely well - he didn't eat his brownie or his sandwich and only ate about half his chips. So his lunch was an apple and half a bag of chips. Breakfast was a little later than normal, but this is not the behavior of my bottomless pit son!

I dosed him with acetominophen twice more - once right after school and then again before bed. I can't tell you the last time I gave him 3 doses of pain meds in a day - he was probably a toddler.



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