Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treating

Picture the scene:
We're at the dinner table at 5:30, eating our pizza and baby carrots. (Hey, its quick and easy and the kids will eat it willingly, so I know they've got some food under the candy that's coming.) M and A both decide that they want to wear a different costume to go out T or T'ing tonight. Yes, at 5:30, when we're leaving at 6.

They have perfectly decent costumes that they wore to the church party on Sat, but for some reason, they feel the need for something different.

M wants to be an executioner. I'm not even sure what an executioner wears, but M thinks he should have a cape. Nope, the only cape we have is a Harry Potter one and we loaned it to a friend (after M assured me he wasn't using it this year), so its not available. He wanders off to the closet to hunt for something and comes up with a black robe, with orange spiderwebs on the sleeves. We're not sure exactly what it is, but he wore it a couple of years ago with spiderwebs drawn on his face. This year he paired it with red "blood" makeup on his face and a sword and told people he was an evil warrior.

A decides he wants to be a skeleton like he was last year. The costume still fits (barely), but he can't find his scythe. Quickly, D makes a new one from PVC pipe, cardboard and duct tape. (how did we live before duct tape???)

M and A ready to head out:

A wanted to go trick or treating with our neighbor B and his family, so for the first time in 7 years it was just D and I and M going out. My mom came over to hand out candy at our house, so she can see the kids dressed up, so we can go out with the kids, and because no one really comes to her house.

At first the street seems deserted, even though its at least 6:15 by the time we gather up flashlights and treat buckets and such. Our street evidently was pretty deserted all night. My mom didn't hand out much candy and we didn't get a single visitor after 8pm - in the past we've seemed to get at least as many kids after 8 as before, which is very annoying when you're trying to put kids to bed and have already turned off the porch lights.

Then as we get onto the main drag through the neighborhood, we see more kids. Still not as many as we recall from previous years, but a good number. But then, I start to notice a lot of cars. It was amazing how many people were driving their kids from house to house.

I can understand that some people want to come into the subdivision because they live somewhere where the houses are too far apart or on too major of a road or just to join friends. But park the car and walk! Unless one of you has a disability, it just seems wrong to drive from house to house. Both kids got plenty of candy walking. I don't know how far A and his friend went, but we hit our street and the next 2 streets over with M and he's got a boatload of candy (and complains that I won't let him gorge on it whenever and how much he pleases).

After we got done, we did drive over to the other side of the neighborhood to visit one of D's former students, who specifically requested that he bring the kids. It was a highly decorated house, with 3 students playing the parts of "dead guys". They didn't exactly jump out at us, but sort of. We offered M the option of visiting some other houses there, but he was content just visiting the haunted house.

Cute story:
At one house the guy asks M who he is.
M - an evil warrior
guy - so you have a sword?
M - yes
guy - and I don't
M - yes
guy - so I should give you candy
M - yes
guy - OK, here you go


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