Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Day of 2 Lizards

I don't know where the lizards, or perhaps they are geckos, are coming from, but we found 2 in the house today.

This afternoon I saw one on the window blinds in the kitchen. It reminded me of our first house, where the geckos would come in freely - big crack under the door of the rental house. When we'd catch the cat staring up at the window, it was a sign that there was a gecko there.

Anyway, I called M to come see it. Of course, he wanted to catch it.

All well and good until it bit him.

Yep, those babies have some strong jaws - no teeth according to M, but the lizard wouldn't let go of his finger. I finally had to poke at it with a pencil to make it let go.

Fast forward to after dinner. We're clearing the table and hear a strange sound from the cat. Turns out he had a lizard clamped on his front paw. Poor Shadow is trying to walk on 3 legs as he's trying to shake off the lizard. We got it off him and M carried it carefully (to avoid another jaw clamping on him) outside.

I didn't get a picture of the lizard stuck on the cat - Shadow wanted it off RIGHT AWAY. I don't know if the cats are bringing them in or if there is another way they are finding their way inside. I hope they don't make more appearances, though they don't really bother me.

Now the snake Shadow brought in yesterday was a different story. Ick. I don't do snakes in the house. It was a small snake, harmless, I'm sure, but not. in. my. house. M was going to pick it up, but we made him use the dustpan. It was still alive when he tossed it into the bushes out the front door.


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