Thursday, April 03, 2008

Almost Spring Break

Tomorrow is the last day of school before spring break. I'm ready for a week of sleeping in! I'm sure D is too, and maybe even M. M has been harder to get up the last few weeks - maybe his body is moving towards teenage sleep patterns. Or maybe he's just staying up too late and being lazy in the morning, because some weekend mornings he still tends to be up and moving plenty early.

We have some potential plans for being away during break, but they're very weather related. So its hard to know when we might go away. The weather forcasters don't seem to be able to agree day to day when it will rain or not. Plus its still the awful pine pollen season - everything is coated in yellow. Even the rain hasn't helped much. We had a downpour a few days ago which helped wash away the pollen for a few hours, but its back in force. Today's drizzle just accentuated the yellow mess. I hope we get another downpour and wash it all out - the pollen has a very annoying habit of getting in my eyes and under my contacts - ouch!

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