Friday, March 21, 2008

Silly M!

This morning at bus time, I handed M his coat.  

M: No, it will just make my backpack too full this afternoon
me: but its cold out there, almost freezing
M: I'm fine (as he goes out the door)

30 seconds later, M runs back in.  Is he cold?  NO, or only at his ankles

M says something like, I'm still wearing my slippers.  Why did you let me go out in my slippers?
(me, breaking out in laughter)
Ummm, because I didn't notice...  Maybe next time I should get you bright red slippers so we would notice.  

M didn't think it was funny.  He raced to put on socks and shoes - and luckily still managed to catch the bus!

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Heh, I have been to the bus stop in my slippers, and even to school to pick up the girls from girl scouts. That was why I decided to get slippers without outdoor soles. So it's very clear I'm outside when I shouldn't be...

Glad he made the bus!

11:34 PM  

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