Thursday, April 10, 2008

Camping Excursion

We finally got to go on our camping trip (delayed from Monday's not so nice weather).  It was beautiful weather. We left here early afternoon on Wednesday and made a pleasant stop at the next county's library (thank you, thank you, thank you for connected libraries and library cards good in multiple counties!) Armed with 3 bags full of books, we were ready to head on.

When we got to the park, we registered and started looking for a space. The rangers confirmed that we had a registration and said to just find an empty space. So, we start driving around. First loop, all the spots are full or have a little tag on the post. Same thing with the second loop. and the third. and the fourth and final loop. Umm, we do have a reservation and checkout is supposed to be at 1pm, and it is now 4pm, so where is our space??? We went back to the ranger office and ask for assistance. One guy finally goes off to do a reconnaissance. When he comes back, he has to confer with the other ranger for a bit before deciding that space 4, which says someone is still there until the next day, is really empty (the guy checked out a day early). So, finally we can go get set up.

Luckily, by now the kids are old enough to be of genuine help in setting up a tent. They may grumble a bit about helping rather than reading a book, chasing a lizard, poking each other with imaginary swords - but they can and did help. And in no time, we had the tent up, air mattress inflated, and sleeping bags and pillows in the tent.

Next stop - nature trail. Again, maybe not their first choice, but we all had a good time.

We found a cool tree where we all took a rest:

M decides to get silly with camera angles:

M is probably plotting how to get A!

As we continued on around the trail, the kids would race to touch the blazes on the trees. or cross a bridge first or whatever. A climbed under one bridge to be a troll. I guess that made the rest of us the 3 billy goats gruff?

A found a cool hole where a tree had been uprooted:

Here A is "king of the hill"

Every time there was a fallen log (and believe me, there were a LOT of fallen logs), A wanted to walk the log. Sometimes the log was too small, and there was one log that was cracked and broke while A was on it, but mostly the walks were just fun. A little out of the way, but what's a little extra log-walking, then running to catch up when you're 9?

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