Friday, April 11, 2008

More camping photos

I always find it amazing how quickly it cools down when we're camping. We got back from our hike around 6pm and it just seemed way too hot to think about a campfire. 20 minutes later, though, it started sounding pretty good. And by the time we got the fire going, it did feel good (and so did my sweatshirt).

We had tried to come up with a meal we could cook in the dutch oven, but didn't manage to find one that met all our criteria, namely:

1. M would like it
2. It would make enough for one dinner, but not much leftover (too hard to store leftovers when camping).
3. Not too fussy or time-consuming in camp.

Since it turned out that we couldn't get a second night at the campground, maybe its just as well we didn't find a dutch oven dinner. The kids really like to cook hot dogs over an open fire (truth to tell, so do I - but only for one night's dinner).

After dinner, we read for as long as there was light, then it was time for smores. After we'd all had our fill of smores, the kids decided that they were still hungry, but not for marshmallows. What to do? Why not toast apples over the fire?

They didn't leave the apples on there very long, mostly just enough to heat up the skin a little. They enjoyed it, though. M said it was neat to have the skin warm and the inside of the apple cool.

After that it was time to check out the bathhouse. And the stars on the way up and back. When we got back to camp, I was surprised that A took himself off to the tent to get ready for bed. Maybe all that hiking wore him out more than I realized.... I'm not one to complain when kids are getting ready for bed on their own initiative! They brushed their teeth at the spigot at the campsite and headed in to the tent. We heard talking for 10 minutes or so, punctuated every so often by M's "I'm trying to go to sleep" - and then quiet. Ahhh. Blessed quiet.

D and I had a nice quiet hour or so at the campfire before we too hit the tent. Unfortunately every time I woke during the night my legs were cold. I'm not sure why since I have camped in this same tent and sleeping bag in much colder weather and been fine. and I even remembered to put on clean socks.

In the morning we got the word that no, there hadn't been any no-shows or cancellations and that we wouldn't be able to extend our stay. So we got busy packing up the campsite.

Taking the tent down, M crawled under it. I called him the "wicked warlock of the east" - see those feet sticking out...

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