Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ninja show

After our stay in Kyoto, we were headed to Nagoya. But we had a planned detour along the way - Iga Ueno, where there is a ninja museum. Unfortunately the train station is not particularly close to the museum and the bus service only runs once an hour. So we set out on foot. Another unfortunate - the musuem and castle complex isn't well marked (or marked at all in English) on the way there. We could see the hill where it all was and just headed out in roughly that direction.

Once we got there it was well worth it. We were just in time for the ninja show. Luckily it was in English and Japanese.

Here is one of the ninjas with a sword.

Another cool ninja tool. I have no idea what these are called.

After the show, there was an opportunity to try your hand at throwing the throwing stars. Here M is trying his hand.

And on his second set of throwing stars, he had good success! Way to go M!

Here's A trying:

Afterwards, the ninjas kindly posed for pictures.



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