Monday, July 28, 2008

night festival procession

In conjunction with the procession we saw in the afternoon, there was another procession in the evening, where they brought out the portable shrine, below:

As you can see, there were many, many men carrying the shrine.

There were also guys carrying these burning bundles of bamboo.

These remind me a bit of jack-o-lanterns, mostly I guess because they are orange.
More burning bundles of bamboo. They processed down the street to the bridge, where they proceeded to set down the burning bamboo and the portable shrine and chant. They took over the bridge for at least half an hour before they picked everything back up and headed back to the shrine. Some of the crowd fell in behind the procession and joined it.
This evening procession we just lucked into seeing. We hadn't known anything about it. We were headed down the street on the bus to go out to dinner and the route was really slow. Finally at one point the driver stopped (at least 20 minutes from the last stop - and these stops were 4-5 blocks apart) and opened the doors. The entire bus emptied out! It didn't matter that we weren't at our stop - it was definitely faster to walk at that point.
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