Monday, August 04, 2008

First Day of School - 2008

Well, at least it was the first day of school for M (and first day with students for D).  Since A is still gone, his first day will have to wait.  

I can tell the kids are getting older as I didn't even think to get a photo of M this morning (not that he would have wanted me to).  He was happy that he would get to show off his Japanese dragon t-shirt and necklace and his Japanese manga book - but he would be the first to point out that it doesn't mean he was happy to be back at school.  

M is still a bit shaky on exactly what he needs for each class, since despite my request that he write down what each teacher wants in his agenda - he left the agenda in his locker all day and didn't write down much of anything.  So this evening we found a few folders, covered a few books and I wrote a few (more) checks.  The only thing I know that he needs that we don't have is a compass.  

It was a very quiet day at home today - just me and the cats from 7:45 til 5:45.  M had an after-school class today, so D picked him up on the way home.  M signed up for a "video game design" class, but he says it is really going to be more like a club, discussing games and playing games.  Why can't they say that??



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