Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not dead yet...

Although my blog may have seemed dead, I'm not - just got too busy. Plus once I go a few days without posting, it just seems like I don't know where to start. I know I haven't posted since Thanksgiving - lots has happened since then.

We went to VA to visit D's folks for Thanksgiving. Best decision to split the driving up over 2 days. It meant a bit less of people sniping at each other and we could arrive at a decent time.

Came home and almost immediately the hard drive crashed on the PC. We're still eeking a little bit of data off it - it will run for 15-20 minutes so we can copy off some files. In the meantime, we got a new hard drive and windows 7. Because of this, all my pictures are still on the camera, not on the PC where I can post them. Must remedy this soon...

Last week was brutal - finals to give for D, finals to study (ha ha) and take for M and 3 projects for A. So D was late almost every night, I was trying to nag M into studying and A into working on his projects. All while baking biscotti for teacher gifts and breads for class parties and trying to fit a little bit of Christmas shopping and wrapping in there. I'm so glad that week is OVER!

We finally got a tree today. It is in the stand and "relaxing", so that the branches will fill out before we decorate tomorrow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to see your blog again. xx M-m

9:35 AM  

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