Wednesday, April 28, 2010

31 cent night at BR

Yum! We took the kids up to BR for their 31 cent/scoop night. Conversation in the car:

M: I think I really want an eclair.
me: No, we were going there for the 31 cent ice cream.
M: I didn't know that - it could have been a random act of kindness
me: It's a random act of cheap kindness


Friday, April 16, 2010

The garden is starting slowly

The garden seems to be progressing slower than last year. I know some of that is that it was cold and wet over winter break this year, so we didn't do any ground breaking then. So, once spring break came, we had to do the new ground breaking plus some planting.

So far we have planted:
lettuce - something is coming up, but it doesn't look like lettuce
swiss chard - coming up slowly
green beans - planted 2 types, one is coming up, the other not yet
corn - some is coming up
parsley - nothing yet

Hopefully this weekend we will get some tomatoes and peppers in. Those will be plants, rather than the sees like the others.

Oh, and D planted some amaranth here in the yard - nothing coming up from it yet either.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxes are finally DONE!

Actually I finished them up yesterday morning, e-filing our Federal return. I had to wait for D's signature last night on the state return, though, because it annoys me WAY too much to pay $19.95 to e-file the state return. Besides, why do I want to pay them just so they can get my money faster???

I was amazed when I went to the post office this morning and found NO line. I was in and out of there in mere minutes, having seen my return postmarked.

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