Friday, November 23, 2007

2007 Christmas List

It's that time of year again.... time to think about Christmas gifts. While I have the best of intentions of getting started early on Christmas stuff every year, it never really seems to happen. Here it is the day before Thanksgiving and I have bought 2 gifts and only thought of 2 or 3 more. So I thought I'd throw out a list so you can see what we might want (also in the hopes that family might let us know what they might like also).

As you can see below, M is the only one who has done a lot of thinking about what he would like. As we think of more things, I will update the list. For the kids, especially, this is a WISH list. They are allowed to put anything they want on the list, but that does not mean that we, the parents, think that these are all appropriate gifts. If in doubt, ask one of us.

Fun Ride Deluxe
Nintendo Hotspot thing for DS or Wii
DS Internet (to go with Nintendo Hotspot)
Skateboard + equiptment
Nindendo DS Mario + Sonic at the Olympic Game
Wii (gift for M+A)
iTunes gift card
iPod speaker (regular or pillow)
Homestar Runner gift card
Full Collection of Strong Bad emails DVD
The Simpsons-The Movie
Iron Reaver Finger Blade (
Nintendo DS Drawn to Life
Borders Gift Card
Heelies (maybe)
Beyblade + launcher + equipment
Beyblade Stadium (gift for M+A)
Playstation 2
Kick the Cheat

Webkinz charms
Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros.
Dragon Amulet for Dragon Fable
Beyblade + launcher + equipment
Guillotine (card game)
Webkinz trading cards
iPod nano
Star Captain for MechQuest

There's really not a lot I need. I'd be just as happy with a gift to the Heifer project

speaker for iPod - not a fancy, expensive one - something for the kitchen or sewing room
Jo-Ann gift card
cat fabrics - anything from scraps up to about a yard
blue chair cushions for kitchen chairs - any color blue would do, either 4 or 6 (if they are washable that would be a definite plus - I have 3 now after one didn't make it through the wash)
suggestions of books I might like to read - interlibrary loan has become my good friend
canisters for flour, sugar, etc. The ones I have are starting to crack after lo these many years. I find the most use for the larger canisters in a set, not so much the small ones.

Consumables are always a good choice. I like interesting food (esp chocolate. I particularly like European style milk chocolate or dark chocolate) that I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself.

charger for cell phone - for the car (1st choice) or one with a AA/AAA battery - one that says it works with an Oystr Virgin Mobile phone



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