Saturday, January 28, 2006

A's birthday party

Finally the time arrived for A's party and the first guest was A's best friend from last year's class. A and J have lots of fun together - and obviously they both like Scooby Doo. We try to get them together occasionally because J moved last year and is still nearby, but no longer at the same school.

Then once a few more kids arrived, they played Hullabaloo. It's a bit like twister, where you are supposed to stand on different shapes/colors/items. Like 'hop on over to a musical instrument'.

Then sometimes it will tell them to 'put your elbow on a food', followed by 'put your nose on a triangle' and this tends to lead to big pile-ups. This reminded me a lot of "ubangees" that D's college did - and very appropriately as they would often ubangee people on their birthdays. (OTOH, my college just tended to try to throw people into the fountain - takes a bit more effort to get to the fountain, though.)

After a quick game of pin the wand on Harry Potter, we headed outside for the "string game". Earlier in the morning, D and M had strung up the backyard with yarn (made it look a bit like a spider web - they decided it must be Aragog's web from HP) leading to treasures. Each child got a TP tube with one end of yarn attached. They then had to wind up the yarn, weaving in amongst the trees and other yarn to find their treasure (joke books, which seemed to be a big hit among the 6-8 yo set). Here's M helping 2 kids untangle their yarns. M was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to follow the yarn - but he helped make it (and we needed him to help kids wind theirs up).

A is concentrating on winding up his yarn.


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