Monday, January 30, 2006

Field Trip Day

Today was A's big field trip with Challenge. We went to the Children's Museum downtown (where I went with M's Challenge class 2 years ago - deja vu). It's still a challenge to keep up with 3 active little boys. I lost count of the number of times I "lost" one kid - but luckily, he (which he kept changing) always turned up within a few minutes. M had a wonderful time playing there, especially with the balls. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no pics. One mom was nice enough to take a picture when A got a chance to greet Arthur - when she emails me the photo, I'll try to post it.

While A and I were at the museum, M was home with my mom - sick. She was wonderful to sit with him at home, so after the field trip, I went to the library for her and grocery store for both of us. M seems a good bit better this evening, so maybe he can go back to school tomorrow - he's hoping to because Tue is his Challenge day.


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