Monday, February 06, 2006

DaVinci's Challenge

We got A a new game for his birthday - DaVinci's Challenge. It said 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. Fine, we thought. And it got an award from a toy rating that I tend to agree with. Well, we went to play it and discovered that it really isn't a good 4 person game, as then it is in 2 teams. And you can't really discuss strategy with your partner because then the other person will know what design you are trying to make.


Click on the picture and you can see it bigger.

You'll see some flowers (6 oblongs radiating out from a point) and circles (6 oblongs making a circle) and triangles, empty and filled (there are 9 different shapes that score - I didn't even realize one of them until most of the way through the game). Each specific shape earns a certain number of points. The idea is to make as many shapes of high value as you can, while blocking your opponent. You have to claim the shapes in the turn you make them - and it is VERY easy to miss noticing that you have made some shapes (I saw several times, that while I was concentrating on one shape, I had also made 1 or 2 others (which I had forgotten to score)). We all got better as we played, but the kids just weren't seeing the shapes as well - what they made or what I was going for. I think we need to play a bit more cooperatively at first - everyone helping each other with scoring of shapes, or scoring shapes at the end. It is an interesting game and it makes lovely designs, but the scoring is a bit tedious (and frustrating when you realize you forgot to score a medium amount of points). A mostly watched as M and I played. Posted by Picasa


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