Saturday, February 04, 2006

Quiet day

We had a rather quiet day today, which was good. M was sick earlier in the week - and is still on an antibiotic much to his disgust - "but I feel better, I'm not coughing anymore. A is coughing - he should have to take medicines." So, we had to have the discussion on why it is important for public health for him to finish the prescription. Maybe next time I need to see if I can get a Rx for less than 10 days... As noted, A is now coughing, and has a runny nose - but seems otherwise fine. D came home yesterday with a sore throat from drainage and has been drinking lots of hot tea today. So, a quiet day with nothing planned was a very good thing.

D did help M with his pinewood derby car, though. They put the first coat of paint on (each coat will take a while as M chose a Rustoleum paint that takes forever to dry). They also worked on polishing the axles for the car - this is the first year we've tried this (I shouldn't say we, as I view this as a father/son event. I occasionally help with painting or buying supplies, but otherwise, I try to keep out). Tomorrow should bring another coat for M's car and a first coat for A's. The derby is next Sat.

A and I also worked on his cat wall hanging. We started this back in December, but it took a hiatus over Christmas. Today seemed like the perfect time to work on it while M and D were out buying paint for the pinewood derby car. He got the rest of the border put on and then we sandwiched the quilt and got maybe 1/3 of the perimeter sewn before his friend came over to play. Hopefully we'll get a chance to sew the rest and turn it right side out tomorrow - then I can get a photo. It's cute - stylized versions of our 2 cats.


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