Saturday, February 11, 2006

Derby Day!

Derby day dawned bright and early (too early for the adults here!). We had to be at the church at 8 am to check in A's car. D had some final weight adjustments to do. A's car was just slightly light (0.1 oz), so he wanted to glue a penny on top. M's car was 0.25 oz light (you want the car as close to the legal 5.00 oz as possible for fastest racing), so D had to borrow a weight off another dad. We think the scale had been reading light Friday night, as the car read heavier then. Here's A with his car after the race. He came in 2nd in the Tigers - his buddy who won, also beat every other car in the whole pack, so A feels pretty good. Plus, he's happy he's going to district (top 3 cars in each den go on to district - not too tough for A this year, as only 3 Tigers showed up with cars). Yeah for him (another early morning for us).

M's car also did quite well - he took 1st place in Webelos I's, and then 4th place in the whole pack (only the top 3 places get their names on the plaque of honor on the track, though). So, he, too gets to go to district. Here's M and his car - I realize it isn't a very good photo of him, but he wasn't being very cooperative. He's also covering up the sun he painted on the side of the car.


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