Friday, February 10, 2006

Final finishing touches for Pinewood Derby

Today was the final day to finish up pinewood derby cars. This is the first year that both kids get to race officially (though D helped A build a car to race unofficially last year). So, after dinner, D put weights, wheels and axles on the cars. He made an unfortunate discovery, though - it seems that Super Glue doesn't glue well to Rustoleum paint (which M had used to paint his car) - so he had to tack the weights on. Here are the 2 cars on the track. A's is orange, M's is blue.

It was evidently a very busy, exciting day for A, as you can see here:

He was fine at the race, but curled up in the chair after we got home. I thought he was curled up playing his gameboy, but I guess sleep overtook him. zzzzz


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