Wednesday, March 15, 2006

flowers of Spring

It was quite warm for a couple of days and the flowers and plants have decided that it is really spring. It's cooler again now, at least at night, but it doesn't look like we'll get another freeze - good for the flowers. I've been watching forsythias around the neighborhood bloom for the last few weeks and now ours is finally catching up. It blooms late because its mostly in the shade - works out nicely though, by the time the forsythia across the street has finished blooming and is all greening up, ours is in full bloom.

Here are our lovely hyacinths. I really love the two-tone look on these ones.

And the azaleas are finally starting to bloom. Only our small flowered ones are starting now, and again, since they are somewhat in the shade, they don't start blooming quite as early as some. This does mean that they are a little less likely to be flower-less due to a late freeze. The larger azaleas haven't even started to bud yet.


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