Monday, March 13, 2006

Blue and Gold cakes

Saturday night was the Blue and Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts. One highlight of this is the father/son cake decorating contest. Moms or any women are not allowed to help. The other big rule is EVERYTHING on the cake must be edible. M declared that he and A needed separate cakes, so lucky D got to bake and help decorate 2 cakes. The theme was Bluebeard the Pirate and his Treasure of Gold. M wanted to make a pirate ship.

First M and D baked a chocolate cake in two 9" pans, then they cut those in half and put 3 halves side-by-side upright. M said he wanted the ship to be longer and with a pointy bow, so D took the other half and cut it again and put it in front. Then they used Fruit by the Foot to help hold the ship together.

M frosted just the top of the cake (they decided the side was hard to frost and the chocolate cake looked good on its own).

They created gun ports from Andes mints and cannons from tootsie rolls. The bowsprit is a rolled wafer cookie, and there is a gummy princess figurehead.

M cut apart some Nestle Treasures and took out the creme filling, replacing it with "gems" of sprinkles. Reeses Puffs made nice cannon balls.

D cut up flour tortillas for the sails and threaded them onto more of the rolled wafer cookies (with raw fettucine (may not be the most tasty, but it is edible) to help stabilize them). The flag on top was more fruit leather. He had to wait til we got to the banquet to do the final assembly - here it is:

Meanwhile, in between some of this, D and A were making A's cake. A wanted a treasure chest. They started with a sheet cake, cut 1/4 off each end and stuck them together for the base. Then D reinforced the middle part with graham crackers for the curved lid to the treasure chest. He put some wedges of cake in between to try to help hold up the lid. Here they are using more Fruit by the Foot to make the bands on the treasure chest.

Then A added mini M&M's to look like the nails holding the bands on. He has put a few "jewels" into the treasure chest.

Here is the final cake at the banquet. He has added various chocolate coins and jewels.

They both looked quite nice and got many nice comments from the other Scouts and parents. M won 1st place for best use of decorations for his cake. Here the best decorations winners and dads are getting their ribbons.


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