Thursday, March 09, 2006

School conferences

Today was conference day at school - and thus the kids got out early, 12:20 today. Conferences both went well. M's teacher says he is making all A's. His highest grade is a 100 in Social Studies, which he claims to hate - but obviously does quite well in. I think its partly due to his extensive reading, as he has read various historical novels, as well as general comprehension and information retention.
A's conference went well also. They don't get actual grades until 3rd grade, but he is progressing on everything. He got checkmarks on all the various math skills and many of the reading skills. His teacher said they were discussing subtraction and she was trying to make the point that you can't subtract a bigger number from a smaller number, like 0-9. Andrew piped up and said, "yes you can, you just get a negative number. 0-9= -9" Luckily the teacher seems to appreciate A and enjoys seeing how his mind works!


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