Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A's reading

This is the week of the bookfair at school and it was open last night for PTA meeting. So, we went in to look around. M wasn't sure what he wanted, so we'll go back and look later. A decided he wanted a Magic Tree House book, Sunset of the Sabertooth, so he bought it. And then proceeded to read it, ALL of it, while waiting for the PTA meeting to start. As chapter books go, its relatively short, only 68 pages, but still.... he's clearly ready for this level book.
Good thing I had the little chat with his teacher about the library. It seems the school library will only let 1st graders check out the easy books - UNLESS the teacher sends a note saying the child should be able to check out books from the main stacks. Of course, the librarians won't tell you this, and the 1st grade teachers don't seem to know it, but secretly it exists. I found out about it from another parent when M was in 1st and so bored with the easy books that he refused to check any books out on his library day. So M's teacher sent a note then and now A's teacher is doing the same for him. When I'm at the school this week, I need to find a time to take A to the library and show him where to find some good books from him.


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