Tuesday, March 21, 2006

kosher day

Sunday was a day for many discussions of kosher. One of M's friends is Jewish and his mom asked whether J could spend Sunday with us while she worked. Yes, sure, but we go to church and won't be home til around 1 - if you need me to watch J sooner, he could come to church with us, if you and he don't mind. She didn't mind and J thought that was better then going to work with his dad, so he came with us.
It's interesting to bring a Jewish kid to church....I checked with the Sunday School teacher to see what I might need to prep J on. They were taking a tour of the church - sounds great! And doing some sort of art project. Terrific. Then church. He was very quiet and polite, but bored - we asked later and he said it was about the same amount of boring as Synogogue.
I got to explain to lots of people why I had an extra kid and why he wasn't taking communion. One guy was rather clueless - he didn't know anything about the Jewish faith, like that they don't have services on Sundays or what kosher is (also led to a discussion of halal meats and what that is). Now, I'm no expert on any of this, but I've picked up various tidbits of info from books, friends, etc. I was surprised that he didn't seem to have what I would consider common knowledge. So, at dinner that night after J went home, we had a discussion with the kids about some differences between Christians and Jews, what kosher is, why Jews keep kosher, how something becomes kosher (peanut butter and beef in particular). It was very interesting to me and I hope to M and A.


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