Friday, March 17, 2006

M's field trip

The big day finally arrived on Thursday - the 4th grade field trip. Hurrah, hurrah! They were supposed to be at the school at *yawn* 6:30 am. So that their buses could leave before the regular buses arrived at 7:15. Since my mom had volunteered to go as a chaperone, I suggested that M spend the night with her - that way she and M could arrive together at school (and I could sleep til my normal 6 am). Happily she did. Anyway, at some point very close to regular buses arriving, they finally took off for Callaway Gardens and Wild Animal Safari.
They went to Callaway Gardens first, where seemingly they spent most of their time in the gift shop and then a bit of time in the Butterfly Garden. Not much comment from M on this. Then lunch and on to Wild Animal Safari where they got to ride in an open air bus and feed the animals. The animals were VERY interested in the food as you can see!

They also saw some other animals like these baby goats - in this case, they were being born as the kids went past!

M assures me that this is a Liger - makes sense - it looks rather like a lion but the tail is striped. If you click on the photo, you can see the image a bit bigger.


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