Thursday, March 02, 2006

Testing rant

So tomorrow is my normal day to go help out at the kids school. In M's class, I take 8 of the better students during math time and do a bit (20-30 minutes) of what they would do in class and then do some enrichment/stretching their thinking. Earlier in the week M's teacher told me she wanted me to cover equivalent fractions as that is what they would be working on. Well, today she emailed me to say that she wanted me to review area and perimeter, "because of upcoming tests". Um, I suppose that would be the standardized tests that will be given in mid-April? They just finished covering area and perimeter (and what geometry 4th grade does) 2 weeks ago. And now they need review??? I hope this group won't need much review, but I suppose I'll see tomorrow. I certainly hope they won't be reviewing for the next month and a half!


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