Saturday, July 29, 2006

An Italian Evening

We had a nice evening at church - an Italian dinner (4 different lasagnas to choose from, all home-made) and a play set in Italy. The son of one of the church members is an actor. He has a theater group which puts on plays. They put this on partly as a fund-raiser for the church organ fund. The food was good, the play was funny, we had a good time. The kids even enjoyed the dinner, though the bread sticks did double duty as light sabers. After dinner, the kids went down to a Sunday School classroom and watched a movie while we saw the play.

In other news, my mom is on her way home from a month in Russia. Actually she made it back to New York today. Tomorrow morning she'll be flying in to Atlanta and we'll pick her up. We're all looking forward to seeing her and hearing about her trip.


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