Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When you're out of books...

...its time to head to the library. Especially since today was the last summer library program and the end of the summer reading program party. I find it a little sad that A misses out on a lot of the things M did at the same age, but then again, A does other, different, interesting things M didn't get to do. Today was the only library program we made it to all summer. It wasn't the best program, but A was interested. M, though, wanted to go GET BOOKS, after about 15 minutes of "how long does this last?" When M was 7, we made it to almost all of the library programs and I was delighted that we were past worrying that it would interfere with naptime and that both kids were a good age to really enjoy the programs.

Anyway we listened to 15 minutes or so of a guy describing instruments, getting kids to help him play them, being silly with music. And then we headed upstairs to get some new books. We got a bag full, then it was time for the "party". Now this was supposed to be a ice cream party, but it turned out to be popsicles instead. Not as exciting for the kids, but still cold and sweet. They also had a table of books and beanie babies that the kids could choose one of. Turns out the books were all the same Animorphs. No thanks, says M. He got a 4H beanie, which is quite appropriate as his science should be taught by 4H this year. A initially picked a Get Well bear, but upon noticing that, and the flowers it was holding, traded it in on a curly bear. They're cute, but goodness knows we don't NEED any more stuffed animals around here!

Then M said he wanted to go back into the library and get more books. Well, we're here, so why not? Up we went. This time we ended up with 3 more stacks of books. M got MANY books about dragons. All fiction. I think he put "dragon" into the search bar on the card catalogue and started picking up any books with dragon in the title. He's already finished 2 books.

Then it was time for lunch. I had told the kids I would take them out to lunch - anywhere they got free coupons from the summer reading program. They had 3 choices - Sonic, Schlotzsky's or Chick-fil-A. They chose Sonic, so off we went. We even shared an Oreo Sonic Blast. Yum. They wanted one each, but I knew that would be way too much ice cream, especially right after lunch. Sharing one was just right for us all.

Then of course, it was time to come home and start reading some of those new books. At least for M. I think A took one to bed with him and I'm heading off to start mine now.


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