Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Countdown til School

As we're into less than 2 weeks til school starts, there are all those things that we meant to do, but haven't gotten around to yet. The kids have a list of things they still want to do:

6 Flags - planned for Thur
bowling - possibly next week once D goes back, but may not happen
roller skating - going on Sat with the Scouts

I'm sure there are others, but those are the big ones and somehow, the calendar seems to get rather crowded right before school starts. We've also got planned a pool party with Scouts (trying to get 3 summer activities so kids can get a special pin). Then there's the Open House for school and finishing up the supply list. M had an ortho appointment today - got the top jaw expander removed - finally! He still has the braces on top and bottom front 4 teeth - not sure for how much longer. He has another appointment in 2 weeks to get a "permanent" (ie non-removable) retainer to help hold the spaces for his canine teeth.

Then there's the issue that M wants his own room. Seems reasonable, but we can't seem to get the playroom, aka other bedroom cleaned up long enough to move furniture. The playroom is carpeted with Legos and Magnetix. All very fun to play with, but makes it hard to move around. I guess the real issue is that *I* don't care that much about moving bedrooms and therefore don't push them hard enough/often enough to get/keep the room clean long enough for the move to take place.

It doesn't help that it is very hot and sticky here. We get the humidity but not the rain. We've had so little rain that the lawn hasn't been mowed in about a month (and it doesn't look long). I'm really glad we put down the pre-emergent stuff this year, or we'd be mowing weeds at least.


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