Thursday, July 13, 2006


We had some wonderful food on our trip (along with various fast food that was tolerable). In Niagara, we had perfectly decent pizza for dinner at someplace D had found online. But breakfast, oh my. We went to a nondescript diner, Basell's, in a non-touristy section to eat breakfast. It was great. Very reasonably priced and large portions. M, the voracious bacon lover, was overwhelmed by the amount of bacon he got. M and A split an order of french toast - I think it was 3 largish slices of bread and about 10 pieces of bacon. Oh my. Luckily the waitress had warned us when M wanted to order an extra side of bacon. I had an equally large amount of bacon with my eggs. We ended up taking some of the bacon back to our cooler and the kids snacked on it later in the day.

Our breakfast in Pittsburgh was also wonderful. We went to a diner, Cherries, where A had a wonderful cherry stuffed pancake. M had pancakes - "I didn't think they'd be THAT big", he said, when he got 2 dinner plate size pancakes. Only a fairly normal 3 slices of bacon, but those pancakes overwhelmed! It was a bit cool in the morning, so I decided to have a hot chocolate - and was impressed with it too - about 12 oz of hot cocoa, for the same price as a smaller cup of coffee.

Then after all day at the Science Museum, we went hunting a German restaurant we'd read of. D and I both thought that this was going to be the same German restaurant that we went to years ago, pre-kids, but it didn't "feel" the same. It was just as good, though. I had hassen-pfeffer - very tasty, but a tad bit messy, trying to eat around the bones. D enjoyed his saurbrauten and A tried a fish sandwich. (possible/probable misspellings there, but spell check doesn't know German food!) M stuck with a tried but true grilled cheese - he requested no pickle, and A piped up that he wanted the extra pickle, so that's how they served it.

We got lucky in finding a good Mexican restaurant in SC on our way back home. I asked the hotel clerk for a suggestion since they listed 3 or 4 Mexican restaurants. We were quite happy with his choice - as I told the kids, if you find an ethnic restaurant that that nationality enjoys, its likely to be good. And this one was. There were 4 or 5 Spanish language newspapers in the lobby and many Hispanics in the restaurant and the food was very good - and more authentic than many Mexican restaurants.

Then as we were heading home the last morning, we saw this:

The giant peach in South Carolina.

And we knew that the peach stands were coming up. Whenever we go though SC in the summer, we buy a bag of peaches. They weren't ripe when we bought them on Mon, but we had some on Wed. They weren't the best ever, but still good. We've had several now and have a few ripening on the counter and the rest in the fridge waiting their turn.


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