Saturday, July 15, 2006

Webelos camp experience

M has been gone at Webelos camp for the past 3 days. While he was gone, the house was a bit quiter -well, except for last night when A had a friend over for a sleepover. They giggled and wiggled for quite a while before finally going to sleep. We also took the opportunity to have some 'food M doesn't like'. We enjoyed it - we had a very interesting Indian dish. It was supposed to be mango/pomegranate sauce. It was very good, but I'm not sure it tasted very fruity.

M came home this morning. I don't have any photos as neither D nor I went. D went last year, but we thought that M needed the experience of going off to camp without a parent this year. By all accounts (his and a leader who went), M had a good time. He enjoyed his "Scouting Skills" class, where he got to build a fire, tie some knots and presumably some other Scout stuff. He's not big on telling us everything that goes on.

I thought it was odd that he said that he never wore his uniform. I had specifically sewn various patches on his uniform as the info said they would be required to be in uniform every night for dinner. Well, evidently not. Oh well, at least the sewing is done and he will be ready for Scout recruiting nights (which will be sometime next month once school has started).

Evidently some (many) of the kids were rather homesick. The leader said that each night he had at least 2 boys crying for Mommy. I wouldn't have expected it out of rising 4th and 5th graders. I wasn't worried (hadn't really thought to worry) that M would cry, but did think that he needed to handle himself without a parent to lean on. Evidently there were only 2 boys (out of 9) that were there without a parent who didn't break down at some point. I guess maybe we all need to work on having the boys go off without a parent more often. I'm thinking maybe I will try to arrange a one night camp-out for the Wolves (A's group) with just leaders sometime this year.

Anyway, M was happy to be back home, though when I went to pick him up at the leaders house, he wanted to stay and play video games.


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