Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is not a lot different from other days around here - we don't fast or even abstain from meat. We did go to church tonight, though, for the first of the Lenten soup and sandwich suppers - and for the imposition of ashes. The kids think that its rather odd to get ashes. M wanted to know why we get them.

I don't always do a Lenten discipline, but this year I decided to work on our finances. I need to do some research on finances, including finding a good savings account for A. We need to look at our IRA's and see if that is still a good place to be saving for retirement. I need to do some paperwork/filing. And of course the taxes (boo hiss!). My goal is to have them all done by Easter (a whole week before the deadline!). Today I started off by rounding up stray checks and getting them deposited.


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