Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Switching to Google Blogger

I finally had to switch - Blogger wouldn't let me defer any longer. So far it seems to be a relatively easy switch. I was a bit worried since I'd heard from other people that all sorts of things got messed up when they switched. Maybe they finally worked all the kinks out in the beta version. Hah.

I'm hoping, though, that I will be able to post pictures and commentary without Blogger freezing Netscape on me. So far, so good - I put 3 pictures up on the previous post - all in one try. Amazing.

It's giving me the ability to label posts, but I'm not sure where/whether anyone else can see the labels (I can see it on the page where I edit posts). I guess I'll learn more about this as I go along....



Blogger Carol P. said...

Last time I tried to switch, it told me that my blog was too big to switch. I'll have to try it again and see if it will let me...

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katherine: I can see your "blogger Woes" label. xx Mama

5:19 PM  

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