Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leader of the Pack!

The Pinewood Derby was the morning. We got going bright (or not so bright, I'm not really a morning person) and early. Tigers raced first, then the Wolves (A's group). One of the kids in A's group won 1st place in the Tigers den, the pack, and all Tigers in District and 2nd place in the whole district last year, so we knew there would be some serious competition. Well, something didn't go quite like last year. A took first place in his den this year. Happy A.

Then some more races, then it was time for M's den. Only 2 kids competing, so not much suspense there. M won and both kids will go on to district (top 3 places go to district).

Then the non-Scouts raced. Mostly parents, but a few older siblings. D's car, unfortunately, came in dead last. He is planning on redoing the wheels before district - especially since one of his wheel assemblies cracked on the final run.

After all this, it was time for the Leader of the Pack - the top 3 cars in each den raced against each other to vie for the fastest cars among the Scouts. There were 13 cars racing in a double elimination race. Slowly the slower cars were being eliminated. A had the misfortune to race against some fast cars early on and got eliminated about half-way through (though I think he would have ended up about 5th or 6th overall).

M kept winning. And kept winning. At the last race, they had 2 cars that hadn't lost yet, M's and one other. So they would have to race twice. M won the first race, then he won the second race. Wow! First time he's finished in the top 3 overall in 5 years of racing. M was quite excited, especially since he'll be getting a trophy. Not a participation trophy, but one for actually winning. And his name on a plaque attached to the track.

M said he was very happy he got 2 things he wanted - a car that looks good and a car that is fast.

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