Thursday, June 14, 2007

Completed Swim Meet

We managed to have our swim meet tonight and NOT get rained out. I think tonight was the only night this week that we didn't have rain and/or thunder and lightning.

A swam well. I peeked at some of his times and previous times and I think he posted some new best times. They give out ribbons for new best times - really pretty multicolored ribbons. The kids both have a stack of them.

A swam breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle - one length of the pool (25 yards) of each. A getting ready for backstroke:

A getting ready to dive in for a race:

Looking at this, you would think he knows how to dive. Well, not exactly... We've been working on diving, but so far he can only dive from the pool steps, not from the blocks. A says he wants to work some more on diving. Maybe this weekend, once we're done with camp.

Oh, and A's other activity besides swimming tonight - finishing up the first Harry Potter book - that he started yesterday evening. Barely 24 hours ago!

He read for about 4 hours yesterday, while driving out to visit M at camp and while we were there - he "borrowed" a hammock and relaxed and read. Then finished the last 30 pages up tonight.



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