Sunday, May 27, 2007

End of the Year Awards for M

Friday was the last day of school and the big finale of end of the year 5th grade stuff. First they had awards in the classroom for each individual class.

M's teacher had each child come up once and read off all the awards they each had received. Each kid had a bunch, since they all had things like
recorder class
meeting AR goals
meeting CCC goals
promotion (to 6th grade) certificate

Many of the kids had the Book It! and 6 Flags Reading Club - as M did.

M also got Perfect Attendance, for 4th quarter and for the whole year.

M's special awards in the classroom were:
Boy with the highest AR points
4H Green Clover award
4th Quarter Principal's List (all A's)
Best Reader - voted by his classmates

Then after all the classroom awards, they sent us all to the cafeteria for the grade level awards. Here they called kids for categories of awards, so some kids went up multiple times.

M got awards for:
highest AR points in the entire 5th grade (over 300)
Presidental Education Awards Program - all A's all year (complete with GW Bush's signature)
Media Center helper
Beta club member

The theme of the celebrations was a take-off on D!sney's H!gh School Musical. So all the kids sang "We're all in this together" for us all. It was cute.

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