Sunday, June 10, 2007

M goes off to camp

We took M to Boy Scout camp this afternoon. It was a scene of only somewhat controlled chaos. Actually some parts were fairly orderly, but others were just random. We had been told that the boys would have tents assigned to them, but when we actually got to the tent area, kids were just randomly grabbing tents. M and a friend finally just dumped their stuff in a tent. As I understand it, each patrol (group of boys of the same age) was supposed to be in a cluster. I didn't see any of that happening. At one point one of the older Scouts was evidently trying to get kids to change tents, but that didn't seem to be happening either. Someone told me that some of the parents were getting upset. I don't really see why. It doesn't matter to me at all which tent M is in. And since his stuff is all in 2 big totes, it wouldn't be a problem to move. I guess we'll find out later whether they did move tents or not.

They seemed to be waiting until all the parental types left before going and taking the swim test. I hope they got to go quickly - it was hot out and the boys were restless.

We'll see M on Wednesday night when they are having a parent night. The Troop will be fixing dinner and then maybe there will be a campfire. The plan is for a campfire, but we were told they won't be able to have any campfires in the camp area due to drought. Maybe there is a camp wide campfire at the ampitheater? We'll see.

It's going to be quiet here this week, at least most of the day - M will be gone until Sat morning and A will be at day camp until 3 everyday. But no sleeping in... A has to be at camp by 8am.



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