Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weekend with D & K

Here are the birthday boys just after lunch.

Uncle D had a good time being silly with both the boys.

Here Uncle D is getting ready to try to toss M into the air - just before they are getting ready to leave.

Aunt K enjoyed the boys too, only not with quite as much rough-housing.

We hadn't had overnight visitors (at least not of the adult variety) in a long while, so our guest room had been overtaken by its other uses - mainly my sewing room. It also does duty as gift wrapping area at Christmas. The bed makes a pretty good staging area for my projects. This is not even quite as bad as it was, but you can see that there was a long way to go before it was suitable for hosting guests.

By the time they got here, though, it was looking reasonably presentable.

I think I should put up something on the wall behind the bed - it looks altogether too bare.

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