Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day (photo added)

We don't really DO Father's Day around here (or Mother's Day either). Sometimes the kids make a card, though mostly for Mother's Day since the school has them do it.

So, today wasn't all about Dad, but we did have a little bit of celebrating going on.

I made blackberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Yum yum.

After church D got a picture frame from A that he made during the kids program (during the first half of the service), plus a bookmark that all the dads at church received.

After church and a bit of lunch, I packed us a picnic supper and we headed off to Fernbank to visit the museum. Their current show is "Lizards and Snakes Alive!". D and I saw it in Feb. at an educator night and A and I saw it on his field trip, so M was the only one who hadn't seen it yet. Both kids were delighted with seeing the animals, and trying to count how many lizards were in each exhibit - one had 8, at least.

The kids also had fun visiting the educational classroom - there was a short video and stuffed reptiles and other hands-on stuff to do. Fun with animals:

After the exhibit and the museum closed, we had our picnic outside the museum, right outside the parking lot (which felt a little strange, but hey, we had 45 minutes to wait...). M had the partially reclining chair, which promptly reclined him all the way into the grass. Whoops!

After our supper (ham and cheese sandwiches, fresh cherries and Pringles) we headed back into the museum to see our FREE IMAX movie. Fernbank periodically shows new IMAX movies to select members at off times to get feedback on which ones to bring into the rotation. Previously, the free shows have been at 9am on a Sat - I didn't think we had much chance of getting there then - though maybe we should have tried it... Anyway, 6pm on a Sunday was MUCH more civilized. We saw African Adventure (I think it was called), about a river that never reaches the ocean, but instead evaporates into a delta in the Kalahari desert. I'd never heard anything about it. D and I found it interesting enough, but the kids were less enthused - A even less than M. I think it was geared to an older audience than 8 yo's. We all filled out surveys, so hopefully the museum learned something...

Then after the museum, we headed over to Trader Joe's. Their newest store is only 3 miles from Fernbank, so it was a perfect pairing. We got some treats for us all, plus some frozen entrees for dinners. I like to have some quick things to fix for dinner on hand. Here in the summer we often use them for those nights when we don't get home from the pool until 6:30 or 7 pm.



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