Monday, July 16, 2007

Vieques Ferry

Sunday was a travel day. We enjoyed our breakfast at La Bombonera Sat so much that we went back into Old San Juan to try a full cooked breakfast on Sunday. We got lucky and got there right before a good-sized line formed to get a table. M had to have another grilled Mallorca, of course. And D had a ham and cheese Mallorca sandwich (again, with powdered sugar on top) - quite tasty. I think A had pancakes and eggs/bacon for me, but they weren't nearly as memorable as the Mallorcas!

We left our hotel near San Juan and headed east to Fajardo to catch the ferry. Along the way we stopped at an outlet mall to look for a baseball cap for a PR baseball team for D. D wants a hat for some specific PR baseball team - doesn't matter which one. Just one specific one, not a general island-wide team. No luck. In fact, he asked various people throughout our stay and they don't seem to be readily available. As far as we can tell, the only way to get baseball paraphanelia is to go to one of their games. That wasn't possible for us as baseball is a winter sport in PR.

We got to the ferry and had plenty of time and no trouble getting tickets. The tickets are cheap! $6 total for a 75 min ferry ride for all 4 of us. I think they used more than $6 in air conditioning the ferry. It was COLD. Extremely cold, frigidly cold. D and I each spent some time riding outside, which was a far better temperature, but had a lot of diesel fumes at times.

Once we got to Vieques, we tried to buy tickets for our return trip (to make sure we had them, and so we wouldn't have to show up quite as early), but the ticket office seemed to be closed. Huh. Must be that island time... By the time we'd fiddled with that, we needed to find a taxi to the rental car place. There was only one publico (public taxi van) left and we got crammed onto it. When we got to the rental car place, it turned out that we were at the WRONG rental car place. Oops! We had looked into several and thought we had used this one, but in reality had booked a car with another one. We got a ride from someone there - I think it was that agency person taking people back to the ferry or something and not just some family that had just rented a car, but I'm not really sure. We finally did get our car, a small SUV (never driven an SUV before), that was a bit beat up. The agency person said that they knew the condition of the roads around the island and they expected some wear and tear - not to worry unless we put fairly obvious dents or scratches in the car. Much nicer attitude than the rental car people on PR who acted like they were going to count all the scratches (and there were MANY on that car too) and charge us for any we had not managed to mark on their intitial car damage report.

There are pictures in and from the ferry, but Blogger is not cooperating with pictures tonight. Maybe tomorrow. And maybe I'll finish up writing all about this trip before I've forgotten all the details I want to remember - or not.



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